Regulatory Dementors

I encourage you to get to know the story of Graig Zucker and “Buckyballs” (WSJ article of September 1, 2013).

Mr. Zucker and a partner discovered, promoted, and distributed Buckyballs until the US Government stopped him in the name of child safety, even though every household in the country has a drawer filled with thumbtacks and small nails. Here is an image of Buckyballs (more here):


The regulatory process has gone from cooperative regulation, to regulatory prosecution, to regulatory persecution of Mr. Zucker. After stopping the sale and distribution of “Buckeyballs” the Feds are now suing Mr. Zucker personally for the costs of the product recall they imposed (thereby causing his company to liquidate for lack of sales).

An entrepreneur discovers a product, finds an appropriate market for it, responds to public safety concerns in a prompt and responsible manner, and is then put out of business by the government and sued personally by the government.

The regulatory Dementors are upon us. Soulless creatures use bald political power to threaten, persecute, and destroy in the name of some social good that is arbitrarily and inconsistently regulated.

There is no longer a justification for taking business risk as your dollars and your efforts are subject to selective and arbitrary confiscation by regulatory authority, as well as personal liability for running your business in a legal manner.

Its so clearly time to elect people to Federal office who understand and believe in individual freedom and responsibility. You know, America.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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