What is DEI?

The contemporary cultural and political holy trinity is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. What is this anyway? Here is what our government thinks these terms mean. Click here to learn what Merriam-Webster says these terms mean; diversity, equity, inclusion. Compare and contrast (you talented student of English composition).

Diversity: Observing people in our personal relationships and more generally in gatherings leads all rational people to conclude that we are each not the same as any another. That is, human diversity is a reality, not the basis for a cultural or political commandment to which we must submit. Yet, the new religion coerces representation in every organization of a range of favored classes defined by the high priests of the religion (see “Underserved Communities“). Leaders of organizations (whether for-profit, non-profit, or governmental) have a duty to employ the most competent people they can attract to fulfill their organization’s mission. Compromising this duty to fulfill someone else’s notion of “diversity” is counter productive to realizing the social benefits of the organization.

Equity: Yes, we should be fair and impartial in judging others and in making decisions that affect others. However, those preaching DEI “equity” are not trying to be fair and impartial. They are using “equity” as a rationale to take stuff from other people who have more stuff. Their intent is not “equity,” it is theft. Equal opportunity is a moral imperative. Equal outcome requires theft.

Inclusion: Yes, employers should recognize, appreciate, and use the talents and skills of employees of all backgrounds. But the high priests use “inclusion” to again coerce employment of their favored classes over all others at the expense of competence.

The DEI poster child is White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She is female, has black skin, and is lesbian. None of those attributes relate to her competence or the value she brings to her organization. Is she competent?

So, what is DEI? It is a cultural and political trope that devalues individual effort and competence to gain power over others. This interpretation is confirmed by practitioners of the DEI religion labeling those questioning DEI as haters, racists, and bigots.

DEI is counterproductive to a more tolerant and fair society because it is founded in division and resentment. It’s bible consists of strained rationalizations based on victim-hood.

We need to replace DEI with a cultural and political obsession to recognize and promote individual effort and tangible achievement.

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