Turn Back the Brave Old World

Democratic Party leadership and activists believe they are in righteous pursuit of a brave new world of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” These are nonsense words having goals that can’t be measured, intangible policy implications, and no explainable moral foundation.

Reality is that these people seek centralized control over us, an old construct that includes such historical examples as feudalism, fascism, socialism, and communism. Democratic Party goals are in direct conflict with the goals of individual freedom and responsibility that underpin the United States Constitution, our founding principals.

The Democratic Party seeks to replace Federalism with national control.

  • They demand national control of elections.
  • They demand national control of education.
  • They demand national control of media.
  • They demand national control of work.
  • They demand national control of energy.
  • They demand national control of health care.
  • They demand packing the US Supreme Court to allow for laws that impose national control.

We already know from history that this will end badly if they get their way. These are not American Democrats. They are the same old power mongers our Constitution was designed to constrain.

Until the current Democratic Party leadership is replaced by those respecting our Constitution and understanding its proven value in creating a just and prosperous society, vote Republican to assure the moral foundations of America remain intact.

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