Reflecting on Freedom

Now as throughout history the world is full of those motivated to kill people who are not killing, to control people who are not controlling, and to impose values and behavior on people who are not imposing.

The people who are not killing, not controlling, and not imposing are those who yearn to be free, to live private lives as individuals free from the oppression of others, who accept responsibility for their own behavior and for the risks of life itself.

The constant existence of the killers, controllers, and imposers is exactly why freedom is never free.

The founding American principles are exceptional because they provide a workable framework for maintaining individual freedom; a decentralized republic with democratic process that checks and balances the application of political power. Any country or peoples who succeed at this course are truly exceptional as they will experience peace, opportunity, hope, and prosperity.

Survival of this framework depends on informed voters who prioritize their freedom above their personal stake in the power structure they vote to keep in office. Voters must see themselves as individuals and vote on principle if our freedoms are to survive.

Unfortunately, the behavior of our current President and his sympathizers and supporters demonstrates no respect for or interest in our individual freedoms. They are convinced of their moral authority to impose their policies and regulations no less than the Mullahs of Iran are convinced of their moral authority to impose Sharia Law. This is clearly evidenced in Presidential decrees of policies for which there is no law or for which the written law is in conflict. This is why the President refuses to negotiate anything with any in Congress who hold votes in conflict with his priorities. This is why his congressional leaders spew partisan rhetoric rather than work on policy solutions that reflect and respect individual freedom.

America has never been and will never be about the State. It’s greatest moments will always be about individual freedom and responsibility. Working together we can honor and achieve this purpose.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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