Documenting Mr. Obama’s ACA Lies


Mr. Obama promised me I could keep my health care plan.

That was an outright lie.

Above is the letter I just received from Aetna. It states, “You may stay in your current plan until 12/14/2014. At that time, you’ll need to enroll in a plan that includes all ACA requirements.” Not only can’t I keep my current health care plan but I am compelled to pay more for a plan dictated by the State (that’s another word for the Government).

Another quote from the Aetna letter: “The Afordable Care Act (ACA) is changing health insurance. But ACA is also increasing the cost of individual insurance.” But wait, those supporting passage of ACA claimed it would reduce health costs. Another lie.

Here is a definition of “corruption” – impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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