Today is the Inflection Point

November  14, 2013

Two months ago Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz were called crazy and were repudiated by leaders of their own political party for their “semi-filibuster/government shutdown” efforts in pursuit of compromise with Democratic Senate leaders and Mr. Obama on Obamacare, who notably refused to budge.

Many Americans wake up today after literally years of yelling at the top of our lungs that Obamacare would not work, to find those responsible for the disaster desperate to save some remnants of what is now a lost cause. Democratic Senate leaders and Mr. Obama are now ready to budge.

Our thanks go out to Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for demonstrating leadership.

Now it is time to stop yelling as the argument is won. It is time to work to offer the country an American solution to our health care needs. Today is the inflection point. Today.

The system before Obamacare was indeed an unfair, overly expensive, special interest driven mess needing to be fixed. There are two roads, single payer or free market. The American solution is free market.

What Obamacare attempted to fix by statist mandate can only be fixed by free market policy including equalizing tax deductibility of health costs between individuals and business, creating a national truly competitive market for health insurance, equalizing “in network” and “out of network” deductibles, requiring public pricing of medical services prior to the provision of service, subsidies and risk pools to address ability to pay and pre-existing conditions, and many more reforms that make medical providers accountable to their patients for price, care, and quality; and that make patients accountable to their medical providers for fair payment for services provided.

We must seize this inflection point to offer an American solution. Call your representatives in congress.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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