An Messaging Opportunity

Mr. Obama and the DNC have been “messaging” their taxes, their bribes (and here), and their debt (and here) as “Reaganesque,” claiming they are just like Ronald Reagan and that Romney is a “radical” conservative. You have to be amazed at the audacity as well as the cooperation of the media in this carnival barking.

What do you say when your opponent is a effective orator with the most clever propagandists in the media and entertainment businesses working to get him re-elected? How about something something founded in truth?

  • “Rather than bribe you for a vote with free stuff that is not actually free, we are going to give you control and choice in your health care decisions and in your life.”
  • “We will give you the choice of taking money your employer spends on your health care and let you shop for insurance coverage and medical products and services.”
  • “We will give you a national and transparent market in health insurance and let you shop across state lines, rather than allow the Federal government to control health care from Washington, DC.”
  • “Instead of a 15 person Federal board to determine what medical products and services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid, and what the price will be, we will assure a transparent and competitive market in health care products and services exists in your area.”
  • “We will not increase taxes on success to pay for government run health care or with the pretense that such taxes will meaningfully change our unsustainable entitlement programs.”
  • “Rather than pursue control over your decisions and your life we will protect your freedoms.”
  • “Rather than further tax the most innovative and successful we will assure the incentives and freedoms they need to to pursue their dreams, so you will have opportunities to pursue yours.”
  • “Rather than divide our people based on envy and resentment we will bring Americans together based on the proven principles of freedom, responsibility, and opportunity.”

All other thoughts welcome. Now if we can just get Mr. Romney to listen …

Pete Weldon

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