Politics of Division

Mr. Obama’s and the Democratic National Committee’s signature political methodology is to divide us. So much for the American character. Here are the details.

The Democratic National Committee has been sending mail pieces to women of child bearing age promoting all the “FREE” stuff they will receive under Obamacare. Here are three of them for your viewing pleasure:

DNC Mail Piece #1

DNC Mail Piece #2

DNC Mail Piece #3

Some favorite quotes from the above with commentary:

“Many insurance companies can no longer charge any out of pocket costs for many preventative services thanks to America’s New Health Care Law signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010.”

Who then is going to pay the cost of those services?

“Thanks to America’s New Health Care Law Can’t Cut Off You or Your Family.” “105 million Americans no longer face lifetime limits on their insurance plans.”

Did you happen to check your current health insurance and see if the premium you are paying (likely together with your employer) already includes unlimited service for your lifetime? Do you know what it costs to provide unlimited service? Do you know who is going to pay for it? Did you know that “America’s New Health Care Law” includes a centralized Independent Payment Advisory Board of 15 people appointed by the President who will determine Medicare reimbursement rates for procedures that will guide what your health insurance will cover and will reimburse?

“Thanks to America’s New Health Care Law, birth control for women like you will soon be available for FREE.”

What a deal! Not. The reality is that such services are not FREE at all. The women not paying co-pays will be paying the real cost of these services in the premiums they pay for health insurance, whether paid directly or through their employer. In fact, everyone will be paying as these mandates do not make things “FREE,” they make them SOCIALIZED.

Women of child bearing age receiving this DNC propaganda might well ask a few questions.

  • If preventative services for women of child bearing age have been socialized who is paying for preventive services for males and for females not of child bearing age?
  • What is it going to cost me (either directly or through my employer) to provide free services for other people?
  • What is the real cost of socializing health care, what will it cost me, and will I have any control over the cost and the services covered?
  • What if the annual cost currently paid by my employer to provide health care for me was $4,674 and for my family of four was $13,210?
  • What if I had the choice of receiving that health care cash currently paid by my employer and shop for health insurance that met my specific needs (just as I currently do with my automobile insurance)?
  • Why does the government presume they can meet my needs by socializing my health care and taking my choices away?

Finally, why does Mr. Obama and the DNC try to bribe me with fasle goodies instead of telling me the truth and giving me a real and clear choice?

F/U March 30, 2012 – This story confirms that the DNC propaganda works. It would seem our political discourse is meaningless. All that is needed to acquire power is enough cleverness and money to mislead people.

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