The “Transformation” – 2014

Our Demonizer and Chief has the megalomaniacal gall to pronounce that the American people are fed up with Washington. Well, yes and that includes him.

Not only does Mr. Obama presume himself above the responsibilities of leadership, not only does he insist that the government knows what is best for us, he also presumes to tell us what we think.

The media’s love for this nonsense and their presumption of Mr. Obama’s credibility challenges the facts.

The reality of Mr. Obama’s “transformation” can be supported as nothing more than a complete disaster. Since Mr. Obama took office in 2009:

  • The poverty rate is almost 15% and has hovered around its all time peak over the past 4-5 years based on Census Bureau data since 1959. Almost 15% of Americans (about 46 million people) live in poverty.
  • African Americans are worse off under Mr. Obama. He has done nothing to improve their lives but instead further subsidizes them out of hope and opportunity.
  • US debt has increased from $9,000,000,000,000 to almost $17,000,000,000,000 and is budgeted at almost $20,000,000,000,000 by the time Mr. Obama is replaced.
  • Annual real economic growth has been less than 2%, limiting opportunity for those with lower incomes and skills.
  • The Federal Reserve’s manipulation of interest rates has penalized workers and savers while propping up risk assets, benefiting the most well off while constraining wealth creation for those with lower incomes and skills.
  • The Dodd/Frank law has given the government control over the private banking system, politicizing all banking services to the detriment of economic freedom needed to finance growth and create jobs.
  • Food stamps (SNAP) dependency has grown over 70%, from 28 million Americans to over 48 million, while the cost of food stamps has increased more than 100%, from $30 billion a year to over $75 billion.
  • Obamacare’s re-distributional realities coerce money from young, productive, and healthy citizens to subsidize health care for older, sicker citizens, will result in shortages of health care professionals and services leading to higher prices and rationing, and will put the government in charge of defining standards of care for all covered medical conditions. Yes, he lied. You can’t keep your doctor. You can’t keep your health plan. Health costs will increase. You will do what the government tells you to do.

The litany of disaster extends to other domestic realities as well as international affairs.

Having achieved power by promoting envy, resentment, dependency and a false concept of “justice” Mr. Obama and his progressive ideologues now must face the failure of their leadership and policy. The “transformation” that has been imposed upon us by our own government is one of greater unemployment, greater dependency, less opportunity, less hope, and less freedom.

Who among us can say that their children will be better off because of Mr. Obama and his supporters in Congress?

This is the question that will win elections in 2014.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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