Point of Attack – Focus on Limited Government

I respect the morality that says a pregnancy is a life. I also respect the morality that says a woman has a right to choose abortion. The controversy involves whether our laws should enforce absolutism at either extreme, no abortions under any circumstances or abortions under every circumstance.

Up to a point, each woman assumes responsibility for her actions, whether accepting the consequences of a life she may bring into the world, or the consequences of ending that possibility for her own reasons. I would support only some of those reasons but in the end, every woman lives with the consequences of her decision and should have access to a safe abortion, up to a point.

The point of “up to a point” is that no one can successfully argue that a mother who kills an infant under any circumstances is not responsible for murder. Such accepted morality requires there be a point at which every fetus is a life, for if not aborted after that point, is virtually certain to become an infant outside the womb.

There is a point at which a woman has a right to chose and a point at which a moral community has an obligation to intervene.

The media and political class continue to exploit both extremes of the abortion issue because the extremes are useful to sell eyeballs to advertisers and attract campaign contributions from those at the extremes.

It is time to get to and stick with the point.

We are going broke and have given limitless power to a federal government subject to a constitution whose purpose is assure that power instead resides with the individual.

The point is that we should not allow anyone promoting social extremes to change the subject. First and foremost, we need to remain focused on re-establishing limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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