Political Terrorist in the White House

Update April 27, 2013 – The political terrorist is exposed and backs off.

Search for “FAA” today and you get a ream of reports claiming airport delays resulting from budget sequestration. Mr. Obama is actually responsible for these delays.

Turns out the FAA 2013 budget is $15.9 billion and that the Department of Transportation that oversees the FAA claims FAA has to cut about $1.0 billion (6.3%) on an annual basis under sequestration rules. The FAA would rather cut air traffic controllers than delay capital funding of some of the $3 billion in Facilities and Equipment and Research, Engineering and Development accounts, as well as trim other accounts. The focus of the cuts selected is clearly engineered for political effect as any responsible manager with any experience would prioritize current customer needs against long term investments in a time of budgetary constraint.

This is all further suspect because Congress offered Mr. Obama the ability to increase the flexibility of budget cuts called for in the original sequestration rules and Mr. Obama declined. The only reason Mr. Obama declined responsibility is so he could blame someone else for the priorities his administration chose to implement.

Mr. Obama is intentionally causing airport delays in an effort to inflict pain. This is nothing less than an act of political terrorism, creating fear and uncertainty with intentional malice and try to harm as many innocent civilians as possible to score political points.

The Wall Street Journal adds some relevant facts to this reality but is less clear than I with regard to the intent.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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