Our Shadow Boxing President

Mr. Obama’s second inaugural address has been characterized as “testifying to the power of government” and “a bold defense of his liberal agenda.”

Perhaps Mr. Obama should have more honestly noted that the power wielded by government compels some people to redistribute the product of their work to others. These others then have a vested financial interest in electing politicians who write more laws compelling more redistribution.

Well, that model has been outdone by Mr. Obama’s demands for more taxes after he was just given a tax increase, and continued trillions of dollars of deficits and debt our children will have to repay.

This is not leadership. It is financial and moral corruption.

Most disturbing is Mr. Obama’s now obvious motivation as affirmed by his second inaugural address. He is driven by contempt for those who do not agree with his world view. As Woody Allen has pointed out, “When you are sure you are right you will have a moral obligation to impose your will on those who disagree with you.” Alas, our President proves he is a self righteous ideologue.

Also concerning is that Mr. Obama’s address proves he is shadow boxing with a made up enemy. Does he really think the public will allow his imagined right wing conspiracy to eliminate social security and medicare? Apparently so.

I have written before about Mr. Obama’s dismal politics. Now it is clear that he will prove a great historical disappointment as a President.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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