False Hope Is Replaced With Real Fear

On May 24, 2012 Don Gogel, CEO of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice discussed private equity in the presidential race with Charlie Rose. Mr. Gogel was a prominent supporter of Barack Obama in 2008.

This interview provides a clear and objective critique of Mr. Obama as President of the United States and of his current political campaign and tactics. (It also shows why Charlie Rose likes questions better than answers, but I won’t hold that against him.)

Those seeking reality and a clear path to replacing Mr. Obama should pay close attention.

Mr. Gogel soft petals his responses but the implications are clear. A former Obama supporter deeply questions Mr. Obama’s lack of leadership, his values, and his tactics based on the realities of his actions, not based on political partisanship.

Mr. Romney’s campaign should take note. The path to the White House and to a prosperous American future is through an honest and positive campaign.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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