Mr. Obama’s Dead End

My wandering and wondering leads me to dead ends, places where political power is exercised for its own sake, unsupported by reality or moral purpose.

We know Mr. Obama’s re-election themes. Divide us by race. Divide us by gender. Divide us by age. Divide us by how much debt we owe. Divide us by income. Divide us by our level of dependence. Demonstrate empathy for those who have something to complain about and promise that the Federal government will give them stuff to assuage their complaints.

All of Mr. Obama’s rhetoric has nothing to do with national leadership and everything to do with political pandering. Everything Mr. Obama believes and has done as President is a dead end; a place where dependency is the norm, where individual effort is defined by work rules, where debt necessarily spirals upward, where inflation becomes a mandated prescription for short term political survival, and where our children’s future holds less promise than we have realized. That Mr. Obama doubles down on this failure in his re-election effort strikes me as illustrative of his character. It doesn’t matter that Mr. Obama is sincere or cynical in promising “fairness” and “equality” above all else. It only matters that the consequence of his policies allow the private economy, and thus the individual, to be consumed by the Federal government.

Mr. Obama’s re-election themes and his policies represent an abdication of leadership and a dead end for our country.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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