Orwellian Obamacare PR

A young woman I know received a mail piece recently from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). View a PDF version.

The headline on one side is: “Your Preventive Care May Now Be FREE Thanks to America’s New Health Care Law.

The headline on the other side is: “You may now get many of your preventive care services for FREE.

The mail piece goes on to list the preventive services including cancer, HPV, and HIV screenings, as well as contraception.

I find all the listed preventive services to be fine, dandy, worthy, appropriate for women, who should pay the cost of same like everyone else pays for their preventive services whether through an available health insurance policy that covers such services or directly.

The problem with this political effort is the word FREE in green, all caps, bold, and italic.

The problem? It is a lie.

All health care services cost money. They are not for FREE.

The truth for women? “Your Preventive Care has now been SOCIALIZED Thanks to America’s New Health Care Law.” That is, the cost of the preventive services listed will now be paid by everyone covered by health insurance, including women who use these services. The DNC is lying.

It is notable that men will be universally subsidizing these services together with women but, at least as of yet, women will not be universally subsidizing the cost of prostate cancer screenings, HPV and HIV screening, nor the cost of condoms and erectile dysfunction treatments for men. Where does this stop? What interest group will be the next to demand services that will be SOCIALIZED under universal Obamacare mandates? How about abortions? How about drug and alcohol treatment? How about mental illness treatment? How about smoking cessation? How about weight watchers? How about gym memberships?

So, why is the Democratic National Committee selectively mailing Obamacare propaganda¬†about female preventive services to women? (def of “propaganda”: information, especially false information, that a government or organization spreads in order to influence people‚Äôs opinions and beliefs)

The DNC is lying to women in an effort to gain their support for all of Obamacare without having to explain the realities of universal mandates and actual costs. The DNC effort is both a lie and an attempted bribe.

George Orwell was just a few decades early in the reality he saw coming.

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